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Best Walking Boots: Reviews and Ratings of Hiking & Walking Footwear


Best Walking Boots Reviewed 2017

We’ve reviewed all of  the best walking boots available in 2017 so we can save you the time and hassle of going though all  the options out there. Do try remember that what makes a good walking boot for one person, is no good to another. Some people prefer lightweight boots,  while others prefer stiffer, harder boots.

We’ve provided deeper detail on our favourite and most recommended boots, so you can get a full, totally independent look at the options out there. Walking boots are one of the most important pieces of equipment you can buy: a comfortable, hard-wearing pair can often be the difference between a great walk and one that’s marred with blisters and cramps. That in mind, take your time, and choose carefully.

Best Walking Boots In 2017

ImageBootsRating (/10)Price

1 Scarpa Ranger 2 GTX Activ

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10 £150

2 Salomon Quest 4D GTX

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3 Meindl Burma Pro GTX

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4 Lowa Renegade GTX

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5 Karrimor Bodmin II

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7£30 - £40

6 Hi-Tec Harmony


7Meindl Toronto


8Asolo Fugitive GTX


9KEEN Targhee II


10Vibram Five Fingers Treksport


Reviews of the Best Walking Boots

Scarpa Ranger 2 GTX Activ

Scarpa RangersThe Scarpa Ranger 2 easily jumps to the top of our list of best walking boots. There are two Scarpa models, both exactly the same in appearance. One, however, is made without the Gore-Tex liner, which compromises waterproof capability in the long run. If you go with these boots then make sure you get a pair with Gore-Tex, which are just a tad more expensive.

I absolutely loved these boots, although they were a little to narrow for my feet in the end. If they ever make these in a wide size then I’m definitely getting a pair. The quality and craftsmanship of these walking boots is exceptional. The upper leather is calf skin and feels fantastic, the insole is of a very good quality and they offer great ankle support (although not as much as some others on this list). Read Full Review or Buy From Amazon.

Salomon 4D GTX

Salomon Quests When I sampled these boots, I was in two minds about them. While the quality of design is undeniable, with both the insole and the lacing system being the best I’ve come across, they do have a number of features that make them quite unusual boots (but not necessarily in a bad way). The best adjective that I can think of to describe these boots is “sporty”.

Everything, from the way your foot sits in them to the way they look, suggests light and quick backpacking. The fact that these boots are inspired by the design of Salomon trail running shoes is banded about a lot, but what exactly does that mean? Read Full Review or Buy From Amazon.

Meindl Burma Pro

Meindl BurmaThese are the boots that I use. They’re very durable, with a thick sole, the “nubuck” leather with which they’re made is very versatile and the lacing system is also unique, designed to offer optimum support for both your foot and ankle.

These are proper hikers, with thick, well-lugged soles and cushioned insoles. I’ve done a lot of walking in these and am yet to have a problem. For a hiker planning on doing a lot of long-distance routes over rough terrain, these are my recommendation. Read Full Review or Buy From Amazon.

Lowa Renegade GTX Mid

Best Walking BootsThese are, apparently, the world’s most successful walking boot. They’ve sold in excess of a million pairs and won numerous awards.

I wore these boots for a period of about a month, sampling them on some pretty aggressive uphill walks. They are a much softer boot than some of the others available and best suited to short treks and light backpacking. They’re very comfortable and, I think, an excellent-looking pair of boots. They required no “break in” time.

Bad Points: Could be more robust: the plastic rand around the base is a bit flimsy; the insole isn’t fantastic either and I was thinking about buying a more cushioned one just a few days after I’d started walking in them. Read Full Review or Buy From Amazon.

Karrimor Bodmin II

Karrimor BodminsThough on our list of best walking boots, these aren’t for heavy use. I had a pair of these for a long time, even walking part of the Pennine Way in them, and the main two positives that I found are their comfort and versatility. They’re for light hiking and everyday use.

The back wall of the shoe is very soft and I didn’t have anything even mildly resembling a blister. Having said that, the sole of these isn’t designed for heavy use and my feet were starting to feel the strain after two full days on the Pennine Way. Read Full Review or Buy From Amazon.

By the way, the “GTX” abbreviation that’s in the name of a lot of the boots just stands for “Gore-Tex” (which is a very breathable waterproof fabric). “GTX XCR” means that the boots are made with a type of Gore-Tex that’s slightly better than the standard fabric.