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Alastair Humphreys: One of my personal favourite blogs. Al is an adventurer and writer. He spent four years cycling around the world and has popularized the concept of “Micro-Adventures” over the last few years. Well worth checking out.

Walking Englishman: Probably the best all-round blog for walking in Britain.

Cheshire Now: An informative site packed with information about Cheshire, Lancashire, Derbyshire and the Wirral Peninsula. Perfect if you’re planning a trip.

Fitness Footwear: Great website with a large selection of walking boots from all the top UK brands, they also stock shoes and sandals.

Blackleaf: If you are looking for walking clothing and other equipment then Blackleaf offer a decent selection from the likes of North Face & Berghaus.

Crutch Reviews: If you ever do end up with a leg injury out hiking, Crutch Reviews detail everything you need to know to purchase a comfortable pair of crutches that aren’t the standard axillary ones.