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Review of Kanyon Ash Wide Calf


The first thing to say about the Kanyon Ash Wide Calf boots, is that they’re absolutely stunning. They might not be my most perfect boots overall, but they’re certainly something spectacular to look at, and the performance is decent too. I actually have two friends that own a pair of these boots, one wears them out at night in the city, while another uses them for some pretty extreme treks, so you can be sure they’re really suitable for many different reasons.

The boot is particularly useful for those seeking a wider calf fitting, as it opens up to fit a 20 inch calf even in size 6. The leather is obviously totally waster resistant and the topline is finished wit a scalloped gusset to close and open the boots to your desired level.

Whether or not you choose to buy these boots will likely come down to how much you want something that looks good. If I’m being totally honest, I think you can do better if you simply don’t care what your boots look like, as I think the Hunter’s generally perform slightly better and they are somewhat cheaper.

I believe these boots to be very fairly priced at £122-145 on Amazon.