Top 8 Best Walking Boots Reviews and Ratings of Hiking & Walking Footwear in 2023

Exercise is a very positive habit that keeps us fit and healthy. There are many kinds of healthy activities you can easily adopt in your routine life but one of the easiest and painless activities is walking. Experts say that half an hour daily walk can give you incredible benefits.

Walking in the morning or evening leaves a positive effect on your health. If you wear proper walking shoes then walking will be more easy and fun exercise and you can experience very pleasant changes in your body but it is really not an easy task to find out the right walking shoes.

Everyone has their own kinds of feet structure. It is very important to choose walking shoes according to your feet structure which provide maximum support and comfort to your feet while you walk. One of the important questions is what are the best walking shoes for you?

8 Best Walking Boots 2023: Reviews and Ratings of Hiking & Walking Footwear

The Shoe market is very saturated. There are several shoes brands which claim that their shoes are the best in the market and different from others. How can a common person, who doesn’t have deep knowledge about footwear accept their claim?

In this article we are going to give you thorough information about the best walking shoes. We will also introduce you with the top 8 best walking shoes both for men and women. After going through this article you will have all necessary information regarding walking shoes and you will be able to pick the right walking shoes which best suit your feet.

Walking shoes keep your feet protected and encourage walking for a long distance comfortably. It provides comfort and minimizes fatigue while you walk. You have to be noted that all kinds of walking shoes do not provide all the benefits mentioned right above. To get all of these benefits you have to get the high quality shoes which are compatible with your feet structure.
After careful research of the market and analyzing hundreds of reviews of customers on trusted online sources, our dedicated team have carefully selected some top models which are reliable and comfortable.

List of top 8 the Best Walking Shoes in 2023

1-ASICS Gel-Quantum 180 4 Walking Shoes

ASICS Gel-Quantum 180 4 Walking Shoes

ASICS Gel-Quantum 180 4 are one of the best walking shoes available in the market. It is made with high quality fabric and synthetic material to provide excellent support and comfort for walking.

The upper of the shoes is constructed with lightweight mesh to provide exceptional breathing and keep your feet cool and dry from hot and sweat. The rubber outsole offers excellent traction while the Solyte midsole consists of ASICS Gel-Quantum 180 4 that provides extra softness, bounce and cushioned support to the feet.

It is perfect for long walking without experiencing fatigue and strain.It includes lace up closure while forefoot is seamlessly constructed to eliminate the likelihood of irritation. Padded tongue and collar not just enhance the attractiveness of the shoes but also help to provide comfort and stability to the Achilles tendons and ankle.

You can expect long lasting durability and spectacular performance from ASICS Gel-Quantum 180 4 Walking Shoes. Ortholite insole consists of remarkable moisture managing properties and also gives excellent underfoot support. It is designed so beautifully that you can wear it for casual use.

2-TIOSEBON Athletic Women’s Walking Shoes

TIOSEBON Athletic Women’s Walking Shoes

TIOSEBON Athletic is one of the best lightweight and breathable women’s walking shoes. These sports shoes offer fashionable and convenient slip-on design. The latest iteration of fabric upper allows comfortable breathing to your feet.

The upper is made with ultra lightweight mesh and the non-slippery high elastic MD outsole which works excellent on all kinds of terrain. It comes with many attractive colors while the fashionable design serves the crowd of about 16-55 years of people.

The high quality material makes it durable and it is also environmentally friendly to save the environment. You can wear these amazing walking shoes for four seasons not just for walking but it can also wear as casual wear on different indoor and outdoor occasions.
The sleek profile, lightweight, mesh upper and MD sole makes it perfect for walking. These fashionable sneakers can conveniently be worn with cropped jeans, shorts, trousers, skinny jeans and a sun dress to look beautiful.

Soft cushion outsole is comfortable and serves as an excellent shock absorber to save your feet from stain and any kind of uncomfortable injuries. Solyte midsole is extremely lightweight and it gives spectacular bounce back and durability.

It comes in standard US sizes of 5-8.5 and can easily be washed with hands or washing machines.

3-New Balance Men’s 877 V1 Walking Shoes

New Balance Men's MW877 Walking Shoe

New Balance Men’s 877 V1 is an excellent 100% suede/mesh walking shoe. It is beautifully designed to provide maximum support and comfort for walking. The upper is made with mesh to keep the shoes lightweight using the latest technology while the rubber sole helps to stabilize and guide the foot through the walking gait cycle.

The heritage inspired design is crafted carefully for an everyday athletic look. Achilles tendon protector is used to reduce the stress on the Achilles tendons by locking shoes around the heel while the toe box is wide enough to keep the foot relaxed.
Additionally, toe cap is also designed to provide the maximum comfort and support to the toe. New Balance Men’s 877 V1 Walking Shoes are equipped with modern ABZORB midsole technology that provides spectacular cushioning and works great as a shock absorber to keep your feet free from strain and fatigue.

The sporty and stylish look makes it ideal to use as an athletic outfit and casual wear. These high quality walking shoes are assembled in the US factories. The laces closure and the soft upper make it the best fit with multiple kinds of foot structures.

4-ASICS Gel-Kayano 26 Women’s Walking Shoes

ASICS Women's Gel-ds Trainer 25 Track Shoe

ASICS Gel-Kayano 26 Women’s Walking Shoes are used to enjoy the luxurious comfort and improved bounce to get more enjoyable walking experience. It uses advanced Gel technology to provide forefoot and rear foot for high density shock absorption on uneven terrain.

Flytefoam Propel Technology provides excellent bounce back. The remarkable rebound and cushioning is offered by the EVA Sockliner while the guidance Trusstic System technology gives superb stability.

Excellent fitting and the soft midsole is helpful to control torsion. It is ideal walking shoes for those whose feet tend to roll inward while walking.
The AHAR rubber sponge reduces excessive wear for a longer period of time span. Thanks to organic nanofibers Flytefoam Lyte Technology that is the lightest weight midsole formulation to come up with extra soft cushioning.

The Jacquard mesh upper is spectacular breathable and lightweight material used to make your feet cool and dry while they get hot and sweaty with long distance walking.

Another smart feature of ASICS Gel-Kayano 26 Walking Shoes is that it enhances the foot’s natural gait from heel strike to toe-off with its IGS (Impact Guidance System Technology). Moreover, the Dynamic DuoMax support system increases support and stability.

5-New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Hierro V5 Walking Shoes

New Balance Men's Hierro V5 Fresh Foam Running Shoe

New Balance Men’s Fresh Foam Hierro V5 Walking Shoes are made with 100% synthetic material. The uniqueness of these shoes is the fresh foam Hierro V5. It is designed for comfortable walking for a long distance with performance. You can use these high quality shoes with confidence for walking or other sports activities.

The underfoot is precision crafted with fresh foam midsole ultra cushioned to deliver a comfortable walking experience. Superior grip and multi-directional traction is provided by the durable and long lasting Vibram MegaGrip outsole.
The TPU-coated textile is lightweight and breathable to keep your feet dry and cool while it also features a shrouded construction to keep the inside of your shoes away from debris. It consists of secure lace up closure for perfect fit.

The snug construction makes it one of the top choices of athletes and walking enthusiasts. Plush cushioning of the midsole provides extra softness while non-slippery outsole gives durable all terrain traction in both wet and dry conditions.

With plenty of useful features, it also has a very attractive sleek and sporty look. You can conveniently wear it with jeans, trousers, shorts and tights.

6-Slow Man Women’s Walking Shoes Sock Sneakers

Slow Man Women’s Walking Shoes Sock Sneakers

Slow Man Women’s Walking Shoes Sock Sneakers are very comfortable walking shoes. Slow man is a well known footwear brand which is providing stylish and high quality shoes that are comfortable and breathable enough to walk for long distances without having any problem.

Slow Man Women’s Walking Shoes Sock Sneakers come with attractive multi-colors and various exciting features. It has air cushion platform design with heel height about 1.96 inches and anti skid MD outsole. Air cushioning technology makes the shoes more flexible and light and also provides excellent shock absorption.
Breathable textile mesh upper are elastic and keeps feet cool and dry while round toe compartments are wide enough for standing long time without fatigue. The minor drawback is that it is non-waterproof so it is not recommended to wash by machine.

Easy shoes slip on closure is very handy while footbed provides excellent arch support that is very beneficial especially for flat footed. Slow Man Women’s Walking Shoes Sock Sneakers are multi use which can conveniently use any daily activities including walking, jogging, gym, travel, driving, working, long time standing and many others.

7-Gravity Defyer Women’s Mighty Walk Pain Relieving Shoes

Gravity Defyer Proven Pain Relief Women's G-Defy Mighty Walk

Gravity Defyer Women’s Mighty Walk are proven pain relief shoes for foot pain, heel pain and plantar fasciitis. It is equipped with the advanced VersoShock technology that is clinically proven to relieve pain.

According to a clinical double-blind study conducted in 2017 by Olive View UCLA Medical Center, it is proved that VersoShock technology is really helpful to reduce 85% less knee pain, 92% less ankle pain, 91% less back pain and 75% less foot pain. The beautifully designed walking shoes provide excellent support, shock absorption, stability and motion control.
Deep heel cup and rigid midsole eliminates the stress off your plantar fascia to reduce the stain caused by every step. Remarkable shock absorption reduces harmful foot impact. Toe box of the shoes is quite roomy that improves circulation while the removable insole can easily be replaced with custom orthotics to improve stability and support.

These are diabetic friendly shoes that prevent injuries and alleviate symptoms related to diabetic patients. Besides to protect diabetic patient’s feet, these amazing shoes are also designed to protect other conditions such as oversensitivity, Edema (swelling), Neuropathy (nerve pain), calluses, inflammation, open wounds, bunions, ankle pain, foot pain, knee pain and back pain as well.

8-Mei MACLEOD Men’s Athletic Walking Shoes 

Mei MACLEOD Men’s Athletic Walking Shoes 

Mei MACLEOD Men’s Athletic Walking Shoes are fashionable sneakers. The adjustable Velcro closure can easily slip on or take off. The design is really simple and attractive with plenty of exciting features.

These ultra lightweight walking shoes are very comfortable and ideal for those who have swollen feet, diabetic, arthritis edema and hammer toes with its extra room in the toe box. Upper of Mei MACLEOD Men’s Athletic Walking Shoes are ultra lightweight and breathable to keep feet dry and cool.

It provides excellent air cushioned support right below the heel while memory foam insole gives extra softness to the foot. Slip resistant, wear resistant and lightweight MD rubber outsole works excellent on all terrain in dry and wet conditions.

It is an ideal for walking, running, fitness, track and field. Moreover, it also provides excellent arch support which is essential for flat footed. You can comfortably wear it for long distance walks without having any foot problem

What are walking shoes?

Before going deep, we would like to tell you what exactly walking shoes are. Walking shoes are kinds of shoes which are specifically designed for walking. They have some particular features which other shoes don’t have.

They are fairly lightweight, comfortable and excellent shock absorbers to protect your feet from pain, injury and fatigue. Additionally, they provide maximum supports to the foot for walking comfortably.

Basic parts of walking shoes

It is very beneficial to know about the basic parts and features of the walking shoes which will help you to sort through the various styles of walking shoes available in the market. Every walking shoe consists of two main parts upper and the bottom part and these two parts further have subparts. Brief detail of each part is given below.


It is a main upper part of the shoes that holds and covers the foot and typically made with mesh, leather or synthetic materials. Mesh is the lightest and allows better ventilation to keep feet cool and comfortable while leather is heavier but has a finer look.

Toe box

Space for toe is provided in this part right above the bridge and toe. Walking shoes come with various kinds of toe boxes in which some of them are designed for specialized functions. A round shape and roomy toe box provides more comfort and prevents injuries.

Toe cap

Toe cap exists at the front of the toe, to protect the whole toe area from scraps and sharp hazards. It is also known as the bumper of the shoes.
Achilles tendon protector: Running or walking increases your risk of pain in Achilles tendon muscles therefore Achilles tendon protector reduces the stress on the Achilles tendons by locking walking shoes around the heel.

Heel collar

It is a kind of soft and small cushion, inside the back portion of the shoe to provide extra comfort and stability to the Achilles tendons and ankle. Rigid heel collar can irritate the ankle.


It is the inner part of the shoes directly connected with your foot and it provides support, warmth and cushion to the foot to better fit. It is also known as ‘foot bed’ or ‘inner sole’. Some kinds of walking shoes allow you to remove or change the inner sole.

Midsole (Gel, foam or air)

It is the part of the shoes between inner and outer sole. It usually consists of gel, foam or air to provide protection against shocks. Additionally it makes the inner side of the shoes more soft and stress free. Generally, walking shoes consist of thick midsoles.


It is the outer part of the shoes that makes direct contact with the ground. Midsole of the shoes is placed right on the outsole and it helps to maintain traction. Thicker outsoles shield your foot from impact and are helpful to minimize fatigue and foot pain. Besides this it also provides cushioning and support.


It is also an important feature to consider for walking shoes. Various sizes of heels come but for walking shoes it is better to go with low heels to get the better results.

Types of soles

There are different types of soles available in the market. Some of the major kinds of soles are:
PU (Polyurethane) sole
Leather sole
Plastic sole
Rubber sole
TPR (Thermoplastic rubber) sole
The most durable and reliable soles from all of them are PU soles. They can wear it for a longer period of time. On the other hand TPR (Thermoplastic rubber) soles are lightweight and 100% recyclable so it is environment friendly. TPR soles are considered the ideal sole for walking shoes.

Different shapes of feet

There are various kinds of shapes and sizes of feet. To get the perfect walking shoes which fit your foot structure, you should have knowledge about different shapes of feet. This way you will get to know about the type of your foot and your family members as well. Commonly there are three kinds of feet.

Neutral-arched feet

Neutral arched feet are the most common type. Feet with neutral arch are not flat nor they overlay arched. The ideal walking shoes for neutral arches are those shoes which have a firm midsole and straight to semi curved shapes of the sole.

High-arched feet

These kinds of feet do not absorb shock easily when you get involved in jumping or same kinds of activities as a result they may contribute excessive strain in muscles and joints. The best shoes for high-arched feet are those which have an ultra comfortable cushion to provide extra comfort.

Low-arched feet

Low-arched feet also known as flat feet. They are the worst kinds of feet and they need special attention to choose the right shoes. Flat feet are more prone to get muscle strain and joint problems if not used properly shoes specially made for flat feet. Low-arched feet people cannot walk for a long time so they need accurate arch support to stabilize your feet. Walking shoes having an extra arch cushion is preferred for low arches.

Types of walking shoes

After determining the type of foot you need to know about the types of walking shoes. Mainly walking shoes are categorized into three main types. Some footwear brands display these kinds of information on their portal or website but usually it is not clearly labeled on the shoes or box. You can ask this from a sales person.

Stability shoes

Stability shoes are perfect walking shoes for neutral arches and mild control problems. It is built with a gentle arch from front to back that gives forefoot flexibility and rear-foot stability. The extra stability comes from the high density foam and extra arch side support.

Cushioning shoes

These kinds of shoes are good for high arches and rigid feet. Lightweight material is used to manufacture cushioning shoes that lessen rigidity with optimal cushioning. They are excellent shock absorbers.

Motion control shoes

Motion control shoes are ideal for low arches or flat feet. The main concerns of these shoes are to concentrate the arch support which is extremely needed for flat footed otherwise they can cause strain and fatigue. They are typically included with plastic, high density foam or fiberglass material. The comfortable arch area of these shoes controls shoes and provides stability. Most of the high quality motion control shoes have a deep heel area to cover the heel.

How to get the best fit?

Improper or poor fitting of the walking shoes is one of the core sources of many foot related issues. One of the most important factors to get the best performance from any kind of shoes is the best fit. Even the most expensive and high quality shoes if not fit properly they do not give the required performance. In this case the fault is not in the shoes but the problem lies in fitting. In this section we are going to tell you about some tips and techniques to get the best fit walking shoes.

  • Get the accurate and latest measurement of your feet because your foot size can gradually change over the period.
  • Wear the socks to finalize the size of walking shoes.
  • One of your feet can be larger than the other. Get the pair that fits your larger foot.
  • Walking shoes should not be too wide or not too tight to get the better results.
  • Try both shoes and walk in the store to confirm the perfect size.
  • Try to shop shoes after you have been walking for a while particularly in the evening because this way your foot will be at the largest size.
  • Make sure these shoes are not creating any disturbance while walking to lock the size.

Advantages of walking with walking shoes

  • Walking shoes offer numerous advantages to all ages of people. These kinds of shoes are ultra comfortable and lightweight. Below are some main advantages of walking shoes.
  • Keep you active
  • Keep blood pressure at moderate level
  • Control diabetes and cholesterol
  • Positive change in the mood
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Improve sleep
  • Support joints
  • Strengthen muscles
  • Weight lose

What should you consider to buy the best walking shoes?

There are some crucial factors which you should consider to get the best walking shoes. Some of the factors can vary depending on the anatomy of the foot. We are giving only those factors which are important for everyone irrespective the shape and the size of the foot.

Width and length

Exact width and length of the walking shoes is crucial for comfort and to avoid foot problems. Too wide or too narrow walking shoes can lead to pain in muscles and joints. Toe box of the shoes should provide enough room to the foot to prevent such kinds of issues. If your foot size is 8 then you must buy the same size of walking shoes instead to buy one size up or low. Some people have half sizes and there are many brands which do not offer half sizes of walking shoes thus these half sizes foot people should be very careful while picking the right size. Material of the walking shoes also affects the width and the length. Some kinds of material become loose after use while others do not so you should keep in mind and consider the shoe’s material type before getting your size.

Foot shape and gait

Gait is the way a person’s walking. Both foot shape and gait are important when you buy walking shoes. You need to get walking shoes according to your foot structure. If you have rigid pronation then you should get cushioned shoes or if your foot rolls inward then you should prefer supportive shoes. As we already have mentioned that some people have high arches while others have low arches so it is important that you should go with those walking shoes that will provide maximum support to your foot arch to give you comfortable walking experience.


Cushioning provides excellent support and comfort to the foot. Sole cushioning provides support to the arch while the Hell collar is a soft and small cushion, inside the back portion of the shoe that provides extra comfort and stability to the Achilles tendons and ankle. Cushioning of the walking shoes can affect the performance. Walking shoes having good cushioning are excellent shock absorbers. Every foot structure needs a different amount of cushioning therefore it is good practice to select only those walking shoes which provide cushioning according to your foot shape. It is recommended that people with knee osteoarthritis should wear high cushioned shoes for walking.

Frequency of use

Frequency of use also has impact on the walking shoes. You should select walking shoes as per your daily or weekly walking habit. If you walk over 20 miles then you should select high performance walking shoes. For long walking it is important that walking shoes should be lightweight, flexible and durable to provide you maximum support without creating stress or fatigue. Avoid wearing heavier walking shoes especially for long walks.


Flexibility of walking shoes plays a vital role to get the required performance. When you walk all of your foot muscles from heel to toe are involved and your foot bends at the ball of each step so it is very important that walking shoes should have flexibility to cater the required support to foot muscles including the ankle to avoid fatigue and sore feet. The best walking shoes are those which provide flexibility and can bend in the right place for walking. There are many brands which claim that their shoes are the best walking shoes but actually they are not because they might provide comfort but do not bend in the right place which is necessary for walking. Flexibility also varies from person to person depending on their gait.

How to get to know if a shoe has a right flexibility


Bend the shoe by pushing the heel towards the toe. A good flexible shoe should bend at the ball of the shoe.


Twist the shoe in the opposite direction while holding the shoe with your hands. If it twists completely into a spiral then it consists of perfect flexibility to walk for long distances.


Place the shoe on the plain surface and poke the toe down. If heels rise up from the surface it means it can provide excellent natural curvature for smooth walking.


Comfort is one of the most crucial factors of any kind of shoes. All other factors including style and high quality material become useless if walking shoes are not comfortable while you are walking. Everyone has one’s own comfort level and it depends upon your foot anatomy and preference to wear a particular type of shoes. Flexible sole, lightweight material and flexibility bring adequate comfort and support to make walking more enjoyable and productive for your health.


Quality of the walking shoes is a core factor. High quality shoes last for a longer period of time. Material used to make walking shoes and the technology used to manufacture the shoes directly affect the quality of the shoes. High quality shoes usually come in higher price but they are a good value of money. They perform better and give outstanding results.


Moderate air circulation provides excellent breathability to keep your feet cool and dry when it will get hot and sweaty. Non-breathable walking shoes can cause chafing, sore, hot spots and other kinds of uncomfortable side effects. Mesh is an excellent breathable and lightweight material that allows optimal airflow for walking shoes.

Height of heel

Low heel walking shoes are ideal for most of the foot structures. Heel should be less than one inch high. As far as other factors are concerned low and deep hells provide superb support to walk comfortably. Some footwear brands manufactured relatively high heels to attract women but believe or not they are not good for walking. Flat and low heels are perfect for walking and they prevent strain and injuries.


Lightweight walking shoes always perform better than the heavier one. Weight of the shoes is directly affected by the material used to construct it. As we know walking shoes are made with different combinations of materials. Some materials are lighter than others. Leather and rubber material are heavier while PU (Polyurethane) and TPR (Thermoplastic rubber) are lighter and durable. Mesh used at the upper of the shoes also keeps the weight of the shoes lighter and provides excellent ventilation.

Style and design

Style and design matter do not just for aesthetically but well constructed design also brings comfort. Therefore you should consider both aspects of beauty and comfort while you choose a particular design for walking shoes. Majority of the people give preference to other factors which are totally wrong to get the best walking shoes. Experts say that you should give least priority to style on all other useful factors such as comfort, durability, weight and flexibility.

After sale service and support

To secure your money you should go with those high quality walking shoes which provide excellent after sale service and support. Most of the top brands concentrate on customer satisfaction to provide remarkable after sale support.

When should you replace your worn out walking shoes?

Walking shoes use more than casual shoes so they show signs of wear early. It is a time when you need to replace your old shoes with a new one because in this condition they will not provide you support for your feet which you required.

Therefore to avoid the injury you should change them as soon as possible. Sometimes apparently, walking shoes look good but they still do not provide good results because they lose their impact after using certain miles. A decent quality shoe can perform well up to 300-400 miles but this mileage varies with the quality of the walking shoes.

Final words

In this article we have covered all essential information which is to you required about walking shoes. We also have covered the basic parts of walking shoes, different shapes of feet and types of walking shoes as well to make this article comprehensive.

We are pretty much sure that this article will be beneficial for you to know about the type of your feet and most importantly to get the right walking shoes according to your foot structure. We have selected only reliable and the best performance walking shoes after a thorough research of the market and the trusted online sources.

Moreover we also have carefully analyzed the customer’s reviews to just select those walking shoes for you which would be really productive according to your requirements.

We strongly recommend that before finalizing your decision to buy the best walking shoes, you should get the proper information related to your foot and the selected pair of walking shoes. This way you can secure your money and can get the perfect walking shoes for you.