How important are the right socks?? for Hiking or Regular Boots 2022

Over the last month, we must have had ten people emailing us, asking questions about the importance of hiking socks, and so I thought it about time to write a new blog post.

Well the short answer: VERY!

You can buy the best hiking boots in the world, but if you don’t wear the correct socks for your feet, and the weather, you’re going to end up with sore and blistered feet. Relatively speaking, hiking socks are not at all expensive, and so to spend over £100 on a great pair of boots and not to spend a few extra quid on decent socks, is not very smart to say the least.

Now, if you’re going on a long hike, and really willing to invest in some serious socks, my top recommendation would probably be a pair of Dexshell Aqua Thermal’s which will set you back a shade under £30. As silly as it sounds to say for a pair of socks, these are serious! Completely waterproof, warm and yet breathable, they are actually made of three separate layers and have extra support around the toes and ankle. Personally if I’m going for a brief walk I don’t use these, but save them for longer and more serious hikes.

Of course, not everyone is up for spending this much on a pair of socks, and if you’re a casual hiker, this is totally understandable. If you want something on more a budget, then go for these nice H. J. Hall Merino Wool socks. They’ll do the job, and will cost you a more reasonable £9.25. They don’t have anywhere as much technology in them as the Dexshells, but being made of high quality wool, they’ll keep your feet warm and help protect your feet.


I hope this comes in handy, they’re the socks I use, and they’ve kept me pretty snug up until now!


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