Karrimor Bodmin II Low Weathertite Review In 2022

I always have a pair of these boots for general use and light hiking i comes across the Karrimor Bodmin II Low Weathertite. They’re incredibly comfortable, the boot is nice and wide so there’s no chance of a tight fit and the toe box is roomy. The price is also very, very low.

karrimor bodmin ii low weathertite

Although I did walk part of the Pennine Way in these, I’m inclined to say that Karrimor Bodmin II Low Weathertite are not best suited for long periods of trekking. Whilst I didn’t get any major blisters, both the sole and the toe box aren’t robust enough to offer the kind of protection that’s needed. I’d recommend these for day hikes and every day use over not-too-rough terrain.

Price Weight (Pair) Material Best For
£28 – £40 approx. 300 g Suede Leather (Faux) Light Hiking

Technical Specifications of Karrimor Bodmin II Low Weathertite

Because of the price of these boots there isn’t a lot of advanced technologies to talk about.

Upper: Faux Suede and Mesh

Insole: Branded Karrimor (Fairly typical.)

Midsole: EVA

Outsole: Branded Karrimor, Rubber



Positives about karrimor walking shoes

The boot is nicely padded throughout, with a breathable and smooth inner liner. The insole offers just enough padding and, combined with the easily-flexing sole, provides a comfortable fit right out of the box. The structure of the boot is soft all-around. The back wall where your heel rests has quite a lot of give (although not too much) which is good if your prone to blisters.

I’ve worn these boots in both winter and summer. They’re fully waterproof and breathable and will keep your feet completely protected from both water and sweat. The upper of the boot (made with imitation suede leather) has a kind of ridged design that, I think, is meant to improve the ability of the boot in releasing moisture.

Negatives about karrimor walking shoes

All these criticisms should be taken in the context of the price of these boots. When you’re only paying £35 for a pair of hikers there’s going to be a few bad points. The first criticism I’d level at them is the low quality of the laces. I went through three different sets of laces over about 5 months. My advice would be to replace the ones you get with a more robust set. The sole of the boot could also be a bit more defined. The lugs aren’t very deep  and while traction is OK it’s not excellent.

After approximately six months of use the seams are also showing signs of coming apart.

Best Bits about karrimor walking shoes

Soft, comfortable design, well padded throughout and completely breathable and waterproof. The price is superb.

Worst Bits about karrimor walking shoes

Sole isn’t very deep and the laces are low-quality.

Price of Karrimor Bodmin II Low Weathertite

Karrimor are known for making a range of walking boots a little lower down on the price range. At £35 I think that these are among the best low-price boots on the market. The Karrimor KSB 300s have a lot of similarities in design and are a little bit more expensive so might be worth also having a look at.

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