Meindl Burma Pro GTX Review In 2023

These are my boots of choice. They feature a durable leather upper, a thick well-lugged sole and  a unique lacing system that provides excellent support and a snug fit for the foot. They also look and feel like real hiking boots.

Meindl Bhutan MFS Men's

These boots are for serious hiking. They’re comfortable enough for anything from day trips to mountain hiking. If you’re looking for a pair of boots that will work well for long stretches on tough terrain then I heartily recommend these to you.

Price Weight (Pair) Material Best For
£200 Approx 1950g (Size 11) Leather High Intensity Hiking

Technical Specifications

Upper: Leather, Gore-Tex inner liner..

Insole: Memory-foam.

Midsole: “Poron” (Most likely urethane. It’s a very good midsole.)

Outsole: Vibram

Other Features: “DIGAfix” lacing technology, consisting of two “wings” on which the third hooks are placed, creating a tighter fit which results in both increased support and less movement of the heel.


There’s a lot of positives to talk about. The thick padding around the upper ankle area of the boot is the best I’ve ever seen. Combined with the aforementioned “DIGAfix” technology it combines to offer incredible ankle support.

The sole (both the outsole and midsole) is very thick with big, strong lugs. It offers all the protection that’s needed and flexes well enough after the boots have been broken so as not to cause any discomfort. The midsole offers great shock-absorption and excellent support.

The lacing system is also the best I’ve come across, although some have suggested that the Salomon Quests win on that front. The two “wings” on either side of the boot are unique among walking boots and offer great support and a snug fit.

The insole is also great. It’s well-padded and, as an extension of the “Air-Active” technology, wicks moisture away from your feet, ensuring they stay dry.


The one criticism that I’d level at these boots is that the outer leather is very prone to scuffing. It’s not a major thing but it does affect the aesthetic quality of the boots in the longer term.

Finally these boots do require a sightly longer break-in time. Wear them in properly over a couple of months and you won’t have any problems with blisters or cramps. They do definitely need it though.

Best Bits

The memory foam padding and unique lacing system combine to create a very comfortable fit. The sole is the thickest, most durable I’ve come across. The leather upper is very good quality.

Worst Bits

They’re prone to some scuffing, especially around the toe area. They also need a long break-in time.


They’re not cheap. You’re looking at around £200 for a pair of these. The thing to remember is that they will last you. They’ve received accolades from numerous publications including a 5/5 rating from The Sunday Times. The model has been around for a long time and has undergone numerous upgrades so be sure to get the Gore-Tex model.

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